Specialty Projects

We provide diverse services and products for various specialized industries.
Oil and Gas: Supply and installation of fireproofing, cladding, mechanical insulation, aluminium, jacketing, san blasting and coatings. Construction: Material Supplies including Steel, wood, cement, adhesive and protective paint. Transportation: Construction of airfield runways.

Flooring systems:

  1. All types of sports floorings (Tennis, Squash, etc…)
  2. All types of raised floorings.

Water / Fire proofing and roofing systems:

  1. P.V.C Membranes.
  2. Polyurethanes built up systems.
  3. E.P.D.M and Torch on systems.
  4. Cementations applied systems.

Rehabilitation and concrete repair structures e.g. Bridges strengthening and superstructure desalination:

  1. C.F.R.P strengthening systems.
  2. Micro concrete and shot Crete applications.
  3. Epoxy injections.
  4. Chloride extraction of deteriorated concrete structures.
Electro chemical treatments of structures.

Corrosion services and solutions.

Airports general maintenance and rehabilitation civil works.
External ornamental elevations treatment, External insulated facades
to improve architectural look, Concrete repair and airfield runways