Nurtured by a challenging, rewarding, and secure working environment, our employees are committed to the company’s vision of pursuing excellence in the field of contracting and construction.

Our multi – national management team consists of highly skilled professionals, all specialized in their respective fields. They possess the drive, passion, dedication and loyalty necessary to make each project a guaranteed success.

Naji Ismaeel Alibrahim

Department Manager, Infrastructure Maintenance

Mohammed Hakim

Department Manager, Electrical

Wael Elsaid Magd

Department Manager – Water Facility

Faisal Lotfy

Department Manager – Elevator

Mohammad Kamel

Department Manager, Engineering Products

Ahmed Kamel

Department Manager - Marble Division

Mohammad Bazzaz

Department Manager, Legal

Muneer Anbar

Department Manager – Business Development

Fudda Al Mesaeed

Department Manager, Human Resource

Asif Jamal

Department Manager, Information Technology

Roger Machado

Department Manager, Stores

Mohannad Qasim

Department Manager – Procurement

Ihab Assaad Riad Assaad

Department Manager - Civil

Ashraf Mohamed Abulfath Sayed Nassar

Commercial Manager

Iyad Naheed Abdul Hameed Malhas

Chief Estimator

Khalid Majid AbdulMajid

QHSE Manager

Layla El- Mekdessi

Department Manager - Legal and Compliance